About Us

Hey! My name is Manuel. I was born and live in the Canary Islands.

I am a marketing consultant and a fan of surfing, windsurfing, skiing, snowboarding, and sports that allow me to enjoy the outdoors, nature and friends.

One day in 2017, after verifying that there was no quality clothing, made of organic cotton or recycled materials, careful with the environment, and with a direct and cheerful reference to the Canary Islands and its spirit; nature, beauty by the sea and paradise for sports, I decided to do something.

I started designing a logo that would represent my beloved islands, and I decided that a subtropical fruit, as fun and typically Canarian as the banana, would be a good base to do it. After several tests, we decided as a team to design the banana that represents our brand.

We began to incorporate our seal into very high-quality t-shirts and sweatshirts, made from ecological materials and to distribute them through multi-brand stores on the Island of Lanzarote. We became the best-selling brand in each of them, which encouraged us to expand our catalog with caps, shorts and accessories.

Now we want to offer everyone the chance to share this fun, active and beach-spirited brand, hand in hand with quality and love for our environment.

Are you in?