Organic Cotton Farming

Organic cotton crops without using fertilizers, pesticides, and other toxic chemicals. With this kind of farming method cotton trees are not sprayed or treated with any chemical. They only rely on approved organic farming methods.  As a result, organic cotton farming results into a sustainable environment as it helps maintains soil fertility and harvests chemical free cotton.


Organic certification 

Organic certification is a certification process for producer's organic agricultural products that includes certification of textile products made from organically grown fibers: seed suppliers, farmers and retailers.

The cotton we use for our organic clothing is certificated.



1. Environment-Friendly

Producing organic cotton uses lower carbon due to lesser fuel and energy consumption. Because it goes through a chemical-free production process, it also prevents water contamination. The health of workers is also not compromised. Lastly, the use of excessive fertilizers and pesticides also causes irreparable damage to the environment.

2. Safety Standards

Organic clothing products are safer as manufacturers adhere to very rigid and stricter manufacturing standards.  This is not only to minimize negative impact to the environment but to ensure customer value as well by subscribing to very high ethical standards such as Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). 

 3. Avoid Allergies and Skin Concerns

There are no chemical retentions from organic cotton clothing; thus, people with allergies or specific chemical sensitivity will greatly benefit from using organic cotton in clothing fabric. It feels better on your skin too even if you are not suffering from allergies or chemical sensitivities. 

 4. Healthier

With reduced exposure to allergens and other dermatological issues by patronizing organically manufactured clothing, you can be more comfortable wearing clothes and will worry less about health and medical concerns.

When you use organic cotton clothing you help farmers because farm workers are no longer exposed to dangerous pesticides and chemicals. 

 5. Helps Everyone Become Responsible Citizens

Organic cotton clothing patronage helps the consumer to become a responsible citizen; one that is fully aware of everyone’s responsibility to help preserve a sustainable environment.